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Welcome to the IES website
Welcome to the IES website

Welcome to the IES website

IES website is high performance communication and dissemination channel which facilitates relationship among partners, strengthens the intensity of cooperation and contributes together with IES communication and dissemination activities to raised awareness of regional policy makers about the employment service in partner’s countries and Europe.

IES website gives you possibility to be informed about IES project and its progress through project documents and outputs, as well as to be in touch with project partners through e-mail by expressing expectations and questions to IES partners. It enables access to information about the project: its background, good practices focused on five thematic priority areas (governance, choice orientations, labour demand-supply matching and job placement, participation of unprivileged people to the labour market and promotion of the individual employability), news and information about events (conferences, workshops, round tables, and seminars performed in all six partner’s countries), links to partners’ web sites, press releases, publications, etc. It is also a place where project newsletter – IES News is published every three months.

IES website is established in English language, but presentation of IES project and partnership and some documents are available in all partner’s languages. IES website will be constantly updated with agenda of seminars, conferences, state of the art of the project, IES News, editorials, IES Brochure, and it is also hyperlinked to INTERREG IV C programme and DG Regio websites.

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